Academic Posters

This list contains GPCAH posters presented at academic conferences and meetings from the past 8 years, in reverse chronological order.  These posters may have been funded by the Center or authored by project leaders, staff, or students.


Kelci R. Knight, Matthew Nonnenmann, Corey Boles, Kate O’Brien, M Farnell, T Tabler, T. Renée Anthony, Sarah Ischer, and Ralph Altmaier.  Bioaerosols in Agriculture: Quantifying Total Airborne Bacteria Concentrations Using Molecular Biology Tools. AIHce. Poster

Jessica L. Ricchio, T. Renée Anthony, and Jenna L. Gibbs. Pesticide Drift in the Midwest: 2010-2016. AIHce. Poster

Heiberger S, Duysen E, Leonard S, Ploeckelman M, Yoder: [2018] Telling the Story Project.  International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health Annual Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Jun 25-28, 2018. Poster


Devito C, Gibbs JL, Anthony TR.  Evaluating Personal Attenuation Ratings of Midwest Agricultural and Industrial Workers. AIHce. Poster

Knight KR, Anthony TR, Peters TM, Altmaier R, Gibbs JL, Ramirez A, Nonnenmann MW.  Air Quality in Livestock Production Buildings: Developing a Sampling Strategy for Measuring Concentrations of COand Dust in a Commerical Swine Farrowing Building. AIHce. Poster

Ricchio JL, Anthony TR, Gibbs JL.  Pesticide Drift in the Midwest: Database Development for Tracking Events and Contributing Factors. AIHce. Poster


Beswick JM, Peters TM, Anthony TR.  Method to Assess Low-Cost H2S Monitors for Use in Agriculture. AIHce. Poster


Yang AY, Park JH, Gassman R, Altmaier R, Jones S, Peters TM, Anthony TR. Combustion Gas Reduction in a Farrowing Barn.  AIHce. Poster


Sawvel RA, Park JH, Altmaier R, Peters TM, Anthony TR.  Evaluation of a Shaker Dust Collector for Use in a Swine Farrowing Barn. AIHce. Poster

Yang, AY, Park JH, Gassman R, Altmaier R, Sawvel R, Anthony TR. Wintertime Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in a Swine Farrowing Barn. AIHce. Poster


Gallagher M, Nonnenmann M, Hornick M, Reynolds S, Levin J, Boggaram V. Evaluation of Pulmonary Function Cross-Shift Changes in Dairy Parlor Workers Using Spirometry and Exhaled Nitric Oxide. AIHce. Poster

Hornick MK, Nonnenmann MW, Peters TM. Evaluating Exposure to Inhalable Dust among Dairy Parlor Workers. AIHce. Poster


Reeve KA, Anthony TR. Wintertime Factors Affecting Contaminant Concentration in Farrowing Barns. AIHce. Poster


Anderson KR, Anthony TR. Computational Fluid Dynamics Study Investigating the Effect of Ventilation Rate and Exhaust Geometry on Airflow Patterns and Particle Dispersion in a Swine Barn. Governor’s Safety Conference. Poster