Farmer/Rancher Registry

The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health (GPCAH) has developed a “Farmer/Rancher Registry” that allows farmers to sign up (“register”) to be contacted about new research studies that may be useful for improving health and safety on the farm. This registry will create a centralized database for Ag Safety and Health researchers, particularly those affiliated with the GPCAH at the University of Iowa, who are interested in protecting the health and safety of farmers and agricultural workers.

What am I committing to being a Registry Volunteer?

Our GPCAH Farmer/Rancher registry is a database of farmers, ranchers, farm workers… anyone involved in agricultural production to identify that they are interested in being included studies that focus on protecting the health and safety when working in agriculture.

Here’s what is you need to do volunteer to be in the registry and learn about studies relevant to you:

  • Complete the Registry Volunteer information form (see links below for downloadable and electronic forms)
  • Each volunteer’s data will be entered into an electronic database
  • Each volunteer will be assigned a unique ID number that only the participant and those managing the database will know.
  • Each volunteer can use this ID to update responses and to withdraw from the study, at any time.
  • This database is secured, and at no time will any volunteer’s name or information about them be shared with others.
  • The Registry staff will communicate with a Registry Volunteer when there is a suitable study that matches the interest declared on the volunteer information form.  Information on the study will be shared with the registry volunteer, with a way to contact that study team.
  • Volunteers can review the materials and determine if they want to participate or not.  They are under no obligation to participate in these studies.

How does a researcher access our Registry Volunteers?

Researchers wanting access to the volunteers in our Registry will submit detailed information to the “Registry Staff” who are affiliated with the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health at the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health. The Registry Staff will first review the study presented by the researcher to verify that:

  1. The study question is relevant to our mission, namely the protection of the health and safety of farmers/ ranchers/ farmworkers in our region,
  2. The project is IRB approved, and
  3. The topic is appropriate for our region’s farmers and would be welcome by our Registry Volunteers.

If a research study is approved to use the Registry, then Registry Staff will query the database and search for registered volunteers who meet the inclusion criteria of that research study. Only the GPCAH Registry Staff will communicate directly with the volunteers, using their preferred contact method indicated in their registry volunteer information file.  This communication will share information on the opportunity presented by the research study, such as its purpose, any incentives, and how to contact those leading that study.  This communication will conform to both the Farmer/Rancher Registry IRB and the research study IRBs. Our Registry Volunteers, can consider this information on their own time frame, and may choose whether they wish to contact the investigator about participation.  The Registry Staff will have no idea if you have contacted anyone to inquire about the study or not.

Why volunteer?

We hope the Registry expedites the research process by allowing enrollment of subjects in a timely manner and using an efficient process.  Investigators at the GPCAH have found that our volunteers, once completing one project, want to be involved in future efforts. This Registry will allow farmers/farm workers interested in research studies to learn more quickly about studies that may be relevant to them.  We want to support research that meets our mutual mission of preventing agricultural injury and illness and improving the safety and health of agriculture communities.

What information will be asked to sign up for the Registry?

We have a two-sided questionnaire that asks questions on:  Volunteer demographics (age, years in farming, farming status and involvement, and county/state),  farming operations (what is grown/produced and rough acreage that is operated), topics of interest (select from a list, add topics to the list, or say “any of these”), and how you prefer to be contacted (email, phone, mail).  That’s it.  We will contact you when someone wants to invite you to participate in a project that aligns with your interests and operations.  The Registry staff will send you information about opportunities, which might be asking you to complete a survey, participate in field study, test a new device or procedure, or participate in a focus group.  You can respond or not to the researcher who is looking for farmers to participate in their research study.

What do you need to do to sign up?

First, read through the consent information document: Farmer Rancher Registry Consent

The survey that you will complete to become a Registry volunteer is available to print and mail or to take on line.  To use the print and mail method:   Click for word document or Click for pdf to print and hand write responses (download the survey, fill it out, and mail/email as indicated on the form).  Or, to take the survey online, click on this link to the survey:

What should you expect?

Once you are registered, we will send you a unique identification and welcome you to the registry.  We will send you communications regarding studies on topics you selected, and every 2-3 years, we will communicate back with you to check your interest and confirm your previous entries.

How to Unenroll

At any time, if you want to unenroll, you can do so by mailing or emailing us of your desire or click on the survey using your unique ID and select “unenroll”.  To do so on line, you will need to confirm your registry account, and then select “Unenroll”: