For Farmers

The Great Plains Center provides information on a variety of safety and health topics that can be used by operators, managers, families, employees, and others interested in agricultural health and safety. These pages include overviews of health or safety hazards and recommendations to maintain health and prevent injury and illness. 


Fact Sheets:  The GPCAH outreach team continues to create fact sheets on topics that affect the health and safety of farmers in the Midwest.  This list is always growing, so check back often!


Safety Watch:  Safety Watch is a monthly column that provides practical farm safety and health information.  It is published in the Iowa Farmer Today, Illinois Farmer Today, Missouri Farmer Today, and Midwest Marketer newspapers.


Agricultural Fatality Facts & Trends:  The GPCAH surveillance team has analyzed data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  A summary of their findings about agricultural injuries can be found here.


Other Resources:  These are external resources for agricultural safety and health information, including searchable databases and safety videos found on the U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers YouTube channel.