Ag Health 101



This web page contains materials for a self-paced course in Agricultural Health.

This course was developed to introduce health (and some safety) hazards and prevention practices to health care providers, health aides, and other advocates who work with farmers.  

The goal is to introduce our audience to hazards that exist on the farm and to identify prevention measures that are based on best practices from research and from the farm.

This course consists of a series of audio sessions, which we organize topics into “units”.  Each unit focuses on a set of hazards or exposures on the farm.  In each unit, short audible “Chapters” have been created to walk you through understanding both risks of hazards and prevention strategies on specific topics.  We will also introduce you to farming operations along the way to give you context to the hazard, particularly if you are unfamiliar with farming operations.

We have structured the course and selected the topics, below, to help you understand agricultural hazards and give you tools to help you have conversations with farmers.  You should be able to understand about risks of farm exposures and can provide support and encourage healthy and safe actions to be taken by those who work in agriculture.

Since we anticipate listeners may not be at a desk when completing these lessons, we have assembled written supporting materials for each unit for you to reference later.  These materials are on each unit’s page, and they highlight important information by chapter.  These materials also include the “discussion question” that are asked at the end of each chapter:  these questions were designed for in-car or in-group discussions once you have thought about the question posed.  At the end of each of these supporting documents, you will have a list of resources if you want more information about what you have learned throughout the unit.

By clicking on the Unit Title, below, you will be taken to a page that contains the full set of audio lesson files and the supporting materials for that complete unit.  Note that once you complete the “Introduction” unit, you can listen to the topics in any order.  Within some units, there are notes on what you might want to complete before starting a unit, and many units do reference other topics to visit if you need more information on something.

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Ag Health 101 Units