Ag Health 101 Unit 3

Sun Safety
Unit 3: Ag Health 101

Sept. 7, 2023 – This is a Working Draft

This unit on Sun Safety assembles information to identify hazards and prevention tips to those working outdoors.  We cover Heat Illness in its own unit, but additional concerns of sun exposures are covered in this chapter.  Since farmers commonly ask about skin discolorations when visiting a health care provider, this chapter provides important descriptions that have images in the supporting materials for you to use and share.  Our hope is that we can increase early detection of skin cancers with farmers and, equally important, that we can encourage health protective behaviors that reduce exposures and increase screening for farmers to improve health outcomes.  We have incorporated answers to many questions farmers have about sun safety to help you prepare for conversations with farmers on this issue.

Note:  The Heat Illness Unit complements this topic well.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Sun Safety

This chapter introduces you to some of the data regarding skin cancer in the US and with farmers in particular.  This is to provide motivation for why this is an important topic to have conversations about with farmers.

Chapter 2: The Ultraviolet (UV) Index 

This chapter explains a bit about ultraviolet light and how it is associated with skin cancers.  It also explains the UV index that has been adopted globally so that you can understand how to find it and interpret what it means when you see it in your weather app or on the news.

Chapter 3: Skin Effects of UV Radiation

This chapter walks through different effects of sun on the skin, starting with sunburn and walking through the many forms of skin cancer.  We provide you with tools to guide a conversation about screening and signs that would guide someone to seek medical advice regarding changes in skin appearance.

Chapter 5:  Additional Risk Factors for Sun Damage

Exposures to some chemicals – chemicals, plants, and consumer products – that can also cause the skin to be more sensitive to sun.  We cover both phototoxic and photoallergic compounds that can increase the sensitivity of skin to the sun and suggest conversations to have about medications (over the counter and prescription) that farmers working out of doors need to know put them at increased risk of sun-related injuries.

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Sept 7, 2023 – This is a Working Draft