Ag Health 101 Intro Unit

Introduction to Ag Health 101

Unit 1:  Ag Health 101


Oct. 6, 2023 – This is a Working Draft

This is our introductory unit, where we recommend everyone start when taking the class.  Later chapters may be completed in any order, but we recommend starting here so you understand the purpose and influence health care professionals and other advocates have in helping us protect the health and safety of farmers.


Note:  After completing this unit, you can take any of the other unit.

Chapter 1: Welcome!

This chapter introduces us to the structure and purpose of the Ag Health 101 course.

Welcome to Ag Health 101

by GPCAH | Introductory Unit, Chapter 1 | 04:15

Chapter 2:  Health Belief Model Framework

This chapter reviews the concepts of a health promotion model, with a discussion framed for the context of working with agricultural workers.  Listeners will understand the many components that are needed to address behavior changes to improve health and safety on the farm.

Health Belief Model Framework

by GPCAH | Introductory Unit, Chapter 2 | 07:59

Chapter 3:  Socio-Ecological Model

This expands our understanding of how we can improve the health of ag workers by understanding the spheres of influence surrounding farmers that we can work with to influence healthy behaviors.

Socio-Ecological Model

by GPCAH | Introductory Unit, Chapter 3 | 08:23

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