Community Grant Application Instructions

Section 1: General Information

This section must include:

  1. Project Title
  2. Contact information for the Project Director and key staff, including:
    a. Name
    b. Organization/Affiliation
    c. Mailing Address
    d. Email Address
    e. Phone Number
  3. A brief description (mission, goals and organizational structure, 150 word limit) of each organization affiliated with the Project Director and team members listed above. In this section, also provide letters of support from each of these organizations.
  4. If you propose a collaboration with another organization(s), attach a brief description of their role and contribution. In this section, also provide letters of support from any collaborators affirming their willingness to contribute to this project.

Attach a CV or Resume for each team member – or a statement describing their qualifications to perform the proposed project.

Section 2: Project Summary (150 word limit)

Provide a short summary of the purpose of your project and the approach you propose to use to accomplish it.

Section 3: Project Description (five page limit)

Part A: Background
  1. Describe the agricultural health problem (provide evidence that it exists). Include information about:
    a) The location of the problem (geographic region).
    b) The target population associated with the problem.
    c) Describe the public health/occupational health impact of the problem on the target population.
Part B: Significance
  1. The mission of the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health is to protect and improve the health and safety of farmers, agricultural workers, their families and their neighbors. Describe how your proposal will improve the health and safety of this population.
Part C: Objectives Describe the desired outcome you expect to result from your project:

  1. Explain why your proposal will contribute to a solution to the problem addressed by your project
  2. List one or more brief Goals or Aims for your project. These should be brief, to the point, and measurable. (What, specifically, do you hope to accomplish?) The Goals or Aims are your primary way of communicating exactly what you hope to accomplish with the proposed project.
Part D: Procedures
  1. What is your “action” plan? Be sure to address the following questions:
    a) What will you do? Describe project activities, services, procedures, or events.
    b) When will you do it? Explain the sequence of the activities.
    c) Where will you do it? Describe the location(s) and why they are suitable.
    d) How you will do it (methods/materials/delivery)?
    e) Who will do it? Which team member will be responsible for each part of the project?
  2. Will your project involve working directly with people? If yes, be sure to address the following:
    a) How many people do you expect to participate?
    b) Describe the participants. Include relevant information such as age, sex, gender, language(s), socio-economic status, occupation, etc.
    c) Explain how you will have access to this population and how you will ensure their participation.
  3. Describe any problems you may encounter and how you plan to address them.
Part E: Evaluation How will you evaluate your work? How will you know if you have achieved your Objectives?

  1. Identify and list your criteria or indicators (data) for judging success.
  2. Who will be responsible for collecting and assessing this data?
  3. What will you do with these results?

Section 4: Potential for future funding (1/2 page limit)

One goal of this grant program is for it to serve as an incubator for new agricultural health and safety projects that have high likelihood of leading to more comprehensive and sustainable projects or activities. Describe how completion of your project will lead to more comprehensive and sustainable projects or activities.

Section 5: Dissemination of results (1/2 page limit)

Describe how you plan to distribute the results of your project.

Section 6: Budget

  1. Complete the Community Grant Budget Form and submit with your application.
  2. Prepare and submit a budget justification using the Instructions for Preparing a Community Grant Budget Justification.

Section 7: Timeline

Complete the Community Grant Timeline Form and submit with your application.

Section 8: Assurances

Sign and date the Assurance Form and submit with your application.

Checklist of Application Attachments:

_____ CV, Resume, or statement of qualification for each member of the project team
_____ List of literature or references cited in the application
_____ Completed Community Grant Budget Form
_____ Completed Community Grant Budget Justification Form
_____ Timeline/milestones form (optional, but recommended)
_____ Assurance Form
_____ Letter of support from your organization/institution.
_____ Letters from any collaborators affirming their willingness to collaborate on this project.
_____ Cover Letter (front of application – signed and on official organization letterhead)