Community Partners

The Community Partnerships program empowers community based organizations to reach out and explore the delivery of new services that, without Center support, would be unavailable. At the same time, these partnerships foster programs that could not be implemented by Center investigators without the involvement of community-based partners. Strategic alliances between Center personnel and community partners enhance the strengths and abilities of both groups.

Center partners currently include:

  • AgriSafe Network: A network of health professionals who provide occupational health and safety services to agricultural producers (


  • AgriWellness, Inc: Works to address the behavioral health care needs of agricultural populations and communities and to provide education about these needs (


  • Farm Safety For Just Kids: Promote a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to children and youth (


  • National Education Center for Agricultural Safety: To raise awareness of safety issues in rural communities and provide training in addressing these issues (


  • Cooperative State Extension Services: A network of largely off-campus educators in each state in our region who extend research-based knowledge to the public and engage people in life-long learning


  • AgriAbility: Provides¬†education and assistance to eliminate obstacles that inhibit success in agriculture occupations to enhance quality of life for agricultural workers with disabilities (