Ask a Health & Safety Expert

Great Plains Center personnel are available to provide timely access to agricultural safety and health information and resources.

Complete the form below to ask your health or safety question or leave a message (with your name, phone number, and question) on our toll-free number:  866-309-0839.

Areas of expertise include:

Agricultural injury:

  • Injury prevention
  • Agricultural first response and rescue training
  • Muscle & joint problems (low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc.)

Occupational disease:

  • Agricultural lung conditions, including: asthma, farmer’s lung, bronchitis
  • Skin conditions and dermatitis
  • Pesticide exposure
  • Zoonotic infections

Occupational hazards:

  • Noise and hearing loss
  • Hot and cold environments
  • Powered machinery
  • Human effects of veterinary pharmaceuticals

Agricultural health and safety engineering:

  • Tractor safety
  • Grain bin safety
  • Animal handling safety
  • Environmental control of dust in swine buildings
  • Ergonomic issues in agriculture
  • Industrial hygiene and safety
  • New concepts of livestock building ventilation
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): selection and use

If you have any questions about the “Ask a Question” service, email