Continuing Education

Core Course Online Modules

We now have flexible interactive online modules that can be used individually, in classes, and for work training programs. Certification of completion is available.

Current modules include:

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing
  • Biological Risk Management
  • Livestock Handling
  • Physical Agents for Agricultural Health
  • PPE for Agricultural Health
  • Occupational Diseases of the Lung in Agricultural Settings
  • Occupational Skin Disorders in Agriculture
  • Training for Supervisors of Young Agricultural Workers

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Regional Courses in Agricultural Safety and Health

To improve the delivery of agricultural safety and health services and to address unique regional needs, the Agricultural Safety and Health Core Course is offered nationally and internationally. Since 2011, the course has been delivered thirty-four times to a total of 809 trainees in:







North Carolina

Interested in delivering the Core Course in your location?  Contact Kay Mohling at