Farm Safety App

The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health has developed a web-based app to collect data on safety hazards and injuries on farms. This interactive checklist asks evaluators to observe physical items on the farm and score the safety of each item using a standardized scoring system. All responses from using this app are recorded and, when the user is ready, submitted to a database for later analysis. At this time, we are assessing the usefulness of the app and are interested in identifying improvements.

If you are interested in testing the app, you will need to participate in a two-part training.  First, you will need to watch an hour-long video (on YouTube), and visit the app website on a mobile device (smartphone or pad), prior to participating in a 90-minute live session.

WE HAVE NO UPCOMING WORKSHOP scheduled at this time. Our last one was completed on Monday, November 8, 2021 (4-5:30 pm) via Zoom. To attend, you will need an internet connection, a laptop or smartphone, and a microphone, at a minimum.

Register <<LINK REMOVED as we have completed the MRASH workshop >> to gain access to the workshop registration portal (this will take you to a Qualtrics survey). Workshop attendees who register, complete both the online (video) and live (Zoom) training sessions, and complete short surveys following these training sessions will receive a certificate that can be used for 2.5 contact hours of continuing education (e.g., nursing, industrial hygiene).

At the completion of these two sessions, attendees will:

  1. Understand how to use the Farm Hazard Assessment App, developed to help agricultural safety and health researchers/advocates identify and communicate hazards and improvements on the farm
  2. Demonstrate their ability to use the app to:
    1. Identify awareness of the range of factors that can be observed on the farm
    2. Apply the scoring system to identify where the greatest improvements can be recommended to a farmer
    3. Identify safety hazards that influence injury outcomes and safety culture

Steps to Take

Register here

Once you have registered, please:

Visit the web-based app at: We suggest visiting this on a mobile device (smartphone, surface/pad device) that resembles what you would take out on a farm visit. Note that the video (below) details how to log in to the app to get past the first page.

On another device (laptop, PC, SmartTV), click on this link to access the Part 1 training video, which is one hour long.

While watching the video, you will be instructed to follow along on the app. Note that once you have clicked on the web page to load the app and clicked on any help button at least one time, you should not need to be connected to the internet on your mobile device until you want to “submit” the data.

We ask that you finish watching the video by November 7, 2021. You may find it useful to watch it earlier so you can play around with the app before we meet live on the 8th.

Once you watch the video, you will be prompted to complete a short 5-minute survey to let us know what questions you have before we meet for the live session. The link is embedded in the video. You will need to use the same email address you used to register when you log in to this survey so we can send you information to confirm participation on surveys for your certificate and compensation.

Once you complete the short survey, you will be sent the meeting link and password to get into the live Zoom session. For those who have registered for the virtual session and who have watched the video and completed this survey, we will also email you a reminder 24-hours prior to the live session, using the email address you registered with.

The live session will start at 4 PM Central time on Monday, November 8.  Please log into Zoom a few minutes early so we are ready to start at 4 PM.

We look forward to sharing the app with you and getting your feedback on ways to make it more useful for you and the farmers you serve.

Contact with questions. Please put “Farm Safety App” in the subject line of your email.