Meet the Flat Farmers!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is our last line of defense to minimize exposures to agricultural hazards that can’t be avoided. Because farm workers frequently work alone, it is important that they are trained to recognize the hazards related to farm tasks and know the which PPE is needed to minimize their exposures. The Flat Farmers are a hands-on educational tool designed to teach PPE selection. This tool includes a set of four farmers (two male- and two female-presenting) with an array of clothing and PPE options to protect them.

We created this tool because, even after training, many ag workers do not select the optimal PPE for the work they do on the farm. We hope this activity will reinforce best practices for PPE selection.  Click on the images below to download the Flat Farmers User Guide and Graphics.

We are planning to add to the Flat Farmers over time.
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