FarmSafe Podcast S1E24: Gas Monitors


Published Jul 13, 2022. Hosted by Kate Crawford.

Episode Summary

In this episode, we continue our conversation about manure gas hazards. The focus today is on gas monitors that can be used to detect the presence of hydrogen sulfide and methane. Because we cannot sense the presence of hydrogen sulfide or methane at high concentrations, we need to rely on a gas monitor to detect and alert us when we are in danger. Renee Anthony, an industrial hygienist, talks about how to use, store, and bump test these monitors. “Having a monitor that is giving you those numbers, gives you that additional amount of decision-making ability- it’s like this is really dangerous, I’m going to go out, absolutely nobody’s going to go in, we’ve got to ventilate for a little bit longer, figure out what’s going on and then we’ll recheck the area”.