NIOSH State of the Science Meeting 2017

 U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers Evaluation

In 2011, NIOSH AFF Centers officially began to include evaluation within each center. That same year the, Ag Centers initiated the Evaluation, Communication and Outreach (ECO) Group, a cross-center forum to share program methods and expertise and peer mentoring to new personnel and Centers. This group has been meeting every other month, for more than 5 years. Through ECO, Centers share approaches to evaluation and collaborate on evaluation priorities, challenges and opportunities. Although Ag Centers approach evaluation in a variety of ways, they collect and store many common data elements. Most centers maintain databases which store information about the outputs and outcomes of each center project and the center overall. Information to populate databases come from multiple sources, including annual progress reports (e.g., 2590 report and “highlights” reports), program documents (e.g., attendee lists, newsletters, seminar announcements), and public databases (e.g., NIH Reporter, PubMed/Scopus), institutional databases (e.g., grants databases, SciVal), social media and website analytics (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, URL Shorteners) and meetings or correspondence with center PIs and staff.

Please click the following link to view details of AFF Center Evaluation from the NIOSH State of Science Meeting, June 2017: