FarmSafe Podcast S3E11: General Farm Emergency Preparedness



Published April 3, 2024. Hosted by Libby Presnall.

Episode Summary

This episode focuses on emergency preparedness on the farm. We talked with extension educator and dairy farmer, Emily Krekelberg, about general tips that can help farmers plan for emergency situations. During the episode, we share information on the key pieces of information that should be gathered to construct an emergency action plan that covers weather-related events and other scenarios, such as entrapments or medical emergencies.

Episode Resources

Emergency Farm Plan Electronic Template, bulletin E-2575ET

Farm First Aid Graphic

Farm Emergency Plan: Tips and Guidance, Purdue University

USDA Livestock Preparedness Fact Sheet


Episode Contacts

To Order a Farm First-Aid Kit: Gloria Reiter | email: | phone: 563-556-5110, ext. 371

Matison Howard, graduate student focused in emergency preparedness: