Respiratory Protection

Selecting respirators to protect the wearer from hazardous chemical gases, vapors, and dusts on the farm requires multiple steps.  First, selecting the right respirator means you need to know both what the hazard is (ammonia, soil dust, pesticide) and what the concentrations are.  Click on the selection guide or the button below to help you with this process.

Then, once you’ve chosen the correct respiratory protection type, you need to make sure it securely fits your face. The fit testing guide illustrates how to be fit tested to ensure the respirator fits the wearer so it actually protects against hazards. 

Here is a train-the-trainer guide to understand fit testing needs and procedures when fit testing workers who need to wear respirators during pesticide handling or application:  Respirator Fit-Testing Guide

Additional Information

Some additional information to help you determine what you need and how to take care of it is provided in the motion graphics below:

Common respirator types and how they work:  Motion Graphic

How to care for your respirator



This guide is an example of how the concentration and hazard levels determine respiratory protection while working with poultry during avian influenza outbreaks.