Unit 9.

Falls On Farms


The known vulnerabilities related to farm falls will be covered in this unit, with a focus on the medical and personal factors linked to both an increased risk of farm falls and an increased severity of their consequences. This unit will also highlight key hazards of falls and several preventative measures, some of which may overlap with the hazard assessment discussions in Unit 7: Personal Protective Equipment, so we will be circling back to some of these concepts to give you a refresher.

Chapter 1: Introduction

In this chapter, we will explore various agricultural risk factors for falls, along with simple prevention tips and resources to help you communicate these risks and to help farmers understand them.

Introduction to Falls

by GPCAH | Falls Unit, Chapter 1 | 04:08

Chapter 2: Falls Risks on the Farm

In this chapter, we will list unique risks that farm workers should be aware of based on the machinery, location, or structures present on the farm.  We will also offer a few brief “engineering” control options to consider when discussing fall prevention for each type of risk.

Fall Risks on the Farm

by GPCAH | Falls Unit, Chapter 2 | 09:30

Chapter 3: Personal Risk Factors

In this chapter, personal risk factors that are linked to an elevated risk of farm-related falls will be discussed.  Having this discussion with farmers about their individual risk factors can raise awareness and generate new ideas for fall prevention measures that can be used both on and off the farm.

Chapter 4: Fall Prevention Tips and Resources – Ladders

In this chapter, listeners will be provided with a brief ladder safety training for two types of ladders: fixed ladders and portable ladders. This chapter will also walk through a case study to help you understand the hazards of working on or around ladders when steps are missed.

Fall Prevention Tips & Resources - Ladders

by GPCAH | Falls Unit, Chapter 4 | 11:55

Chapter 5: Fall Prevention Tips and Resources – Getting Off Equipment

This chapter will review a case study that focuses on a tractor-related fall. The purpose of this case study is to prompt listeners to think about what the individual could have done differently and to use this case to illustrate how quick and simple reactions can lead to a fall with serious consequences.

Fall Prevention Tips & Resources - Getting Off Equipment

by GPCAH | Falls Unit, Chapter 5 | 02:55

Chapter 6: Fall Prevention Tips and Resources – Ice

The purpose of this chapter is to help listeners understand the tools to prepare for icy weather, obtain and use the appropriate gear for outdoor tasks, and to change their behavior in high-risk environments by changing how we move on slick surfaces.

Fall Prevention Tips & Resources - Ice

by GPCAH | Falls Unit, Chapter 6 | 07:10

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